About Us

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Torrex is a Swiss company developing clean technology ventures in emerging countries dealing head-on with the Earth’s most pressing problem: CO2 induced climate change. Its main business is the design, manufacturing and marketing of electric mobility solutions.

We offer energy efficient and light electric vehicles. One of our strengths relies on superior battery controllers and battery packs, ensuring long-lasting driving performance and fuel savings. Energy efficiency is further enhanced with the use of natural fibre composite materials for the vehicles’ bodywork. The company also designs and markets affordable, easy to freight and install electric charging stations.

Torrex is based in the Philippines, one of the most attractive locations to introduce quality light electric vehicles. The country has a low car density and a tradition for using light vehicles as taxis. There are more than 3.5 mio. conventional tricycles in the Philippines. The Philippines offers qualified personnel with good English skills, strong economic growth and an established democracy.

Torrex Consulting Ltd. and Torrex Development Corp. were incorporated in 2012 in Switzerland and in the Philippines respectively. Torrex employs experienced heads of production units and administration. The factory comprises 12 internally trained craftsmen to produce bodywork parts, chassis & suspension, and battery & electric vehicle component assembly. The first e-cab prototype was presented in November 2012 and the Swiss Government granted its support to Torrex Consulting in October 2013.

The Philippines is one of the most dynamic light EV markets. The Asian Development Bank is pioneering the introduction of 100,000 e-trikes to replace ICE (internal combustion engine) tricycles, to be purchased by the Philippine Dept. of Energy. This is creating a supply chain of EV manufacturers and battery suppliers and shows there is a market. Neighbouring countries are expected to adopt the same business model as the one spearheaded in the Philippines.

In this country, besides the tourism sector, a great opportunity also lies in substituting the Philippines’ 3.5 mio. ICE tricycles used as taxis. These are more expensive to operate and emit an average of 2.9 mio. tons of CO2 per year. Torrex’s innovative e-mobility solution is also destined for international export.