Executive Team

StefanStefan Waldburger –  CEO Founder and Managing Director of Torrex Consulting Ltd. in Switzerland and Founder and CEO of Torrex Development Corp. in the Philippines. Former salesman of global emerging markets and European renewable energies equities for an international investment bank and  Sr. Equity Analyst at reputable brokerage firms. Degree in economics specializing in business administration and finance at the University of Fribourg.




RalphRalph Schnyder – CTO Leading Specialist in high-performance batteries and light electric vehicles and committed to make Torrex’s e-trike venture a durable success. Co-Founder and Managing Director of dreifels ltd., a Swiss electrical engineering firm specializing in battery systems for electric vehicles and related software. Prior to this he was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of TWIKE Ltd., an electric vehicle firm that was sold in 2000. Degree in architecture from the ETH- University of Applied Sciences (Zurich).




HumbertoHumberto Ramil – CFO Before joining Torrex, Humberto Ramil was a Sr. Project Manager at INCYDE institute of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry throughout Spain; monitoring restructuring and new business development projects. Prior to this he was the CFO for several Spanish companies such as Grupo Hicomat and Grupo Lara. Bachelor in Business Administration from the European University (Madrid) and Masters Degree in Relationship, Direct and Interactive Marketing, CRM and E-Commerce  from the ESIC Business School (Madrid).


LB8_0312pGarry Clinton – COO has built a wealth of experience over 30 years in the oil & gas and manufacturing industries. His breadth of experience includes expert knowledge in production control, material and document control, quality management systems,  corporate performance measurement, process analysis and project management. Garry is based in Dumaguete, Philippines.