E-Mobility Solutions

REPIC_LogoSchriftzug_200Sustainable and emission free inner city transport system is a must for densely crowded cities.It improves quality of urban life. Focusing on affordability, design and quality we produce and market e-cabs, non-polluting light electric vehicles for taxi and other uses, as well as easy to freight and install fast-charging Mobile e-Stations. Our well-proven technologies for inner city traffic are very cost effective to operate, mainly due to fuel savings.

The Swiss government, through its inter-departmental platform for the promotion and dissemination of renewable energies and energy efficiency within developing countries (REPIC), granted our Sustainable E-Cab System for City Transport project its support in Oct. 2013.

The REPIC platform’s primary goal is to strengthen and coordinate Swiss federal activities on coherent renewable energies and energy efficiency promotion and dissemination within developing and transitioning countries. REPIC is a joint initiative of: