Mobile e-Stations

E-Station_03Torrex’s e-mobility business units are completed with the Mobile e-Station, a sea-worthy unit with the footprint of a standard 20′ container which provides the infrastructure for parking, renting and maintaining the vehicle fleet.

Our Mobile e-Station is modular and fits easily in small unused urban areas. It doubles as shipping container for transport to place of operation. One Mobile e-Station can house three e-cabs and one e-scooter and can be placed on the right spot beside a busy street and locks up securely and safely at night. The appearance of the Mobile e-Station can be adapted to a trendy design to the expectations of business partners and sponsors. Highly visible billboards on the best location offer a very attractive marketing opportunity.

The  Mobile e-Stations are rented or sold to local governments, resorts, tourist offices, trade fair organisers or driver co-operatives on a 1’000-day operations contract basis. After an operational period of 3-5 years they can be bought back and refurbished.

Optional components of the Mobile e-Station include photovoltaics to support and further reduce dependence and consumption of electric grid providers, backup storage batteries, outdoor LED displays, vertical garden and other applications.