Light Electric Vehicle Designs

3_E-Cab_Boulevard_800_2Our simple, lightweight and low cost base vehicle includes all drive technology. The sidecar design is ideal for small and light vehicles because of the smaller steering force needed.

Light weight is critical to offer low energy consuming vehicles. Our e-tricycles for taxi and other uses demands as much mass as necessary to assure performance and safety. The innovative composite materials used for the vehicles’ bodywork while offering a tensile and loading strengths comparable to those of carbon fibre or fibreglass are also less energy intensive to produce.

The need for materials has an impact on affordability, whether relating to our e-cabs or for our entire e-Mobility Business Units: for the price of a standard electric car we offer four utility vehicles and a charging station with basic amenities like water and power.


The advantages of the sidecar design

The sidecar design has only two tracks, which makes it easier to avoid potholes in the streets’ pavements.

The motorbike and sidecar can be disconnected and used again or replaced separately.

It allows for very compact floor space usage, only less than 2m long (e.g. angular parking on street side).

Driver and passenger seated side by side, which facilitates an easy communication.

Five seater: two to four passenger on the side plus up to one on the back of the driver.